Fanfaron is a young french brand of scarves. 

Everything began in 2015 in Bordeaux.

Proud of his boastful heritage, Fanfaron is really concern by the french know-how.


The French designer, Marguerite d'Amat, draws in Bordeaux, and the manufacturing is made in workshops in Lyon, the historical birthplace of the French silk trade.


The workshops have the French EPV label. This label "The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" is a mark of recognition of the French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial know-how.


We trust in tradition and innovation, know-how and creation, work and passion, heritage and future, local and international. It is a quality security for the respect of the work and the capacity into exception. Fanfaron wishes to make beautiful scarves in the respect of the crafts.

This makes us pride of our values and our commitments.

The designer

Marguerite d'Amat, you are the designer of the scarves Fanfaron. Where does this creativity come from ?


It is the simple realization of all that I like: arts, culture, journeys. I am fascinated by the French culture, the history of France, its architecture, its famous personalities. I think the French heritage is magnificent and amazing. I am also very interested in exoticism, originality, novelty, all that can surprise me. Then very naturally these themes crossed and stood out in my creations. For example you will see on the scarf Haussmann by Fanfaron multicolored exotic birds invading the Parisian balconies.

Why do you work on silk scarf ?


First of all I adore silk, it is a noble material so pleasant to touch, to see shining! The colors of the thread are made iridescent, sublimated by the light. To choose the color palette of my collections is my favorite work. What blue will create the night-atmosphere for the scarf Paix Eiffel by Fanfaron? With what colors to associate it? I always look for a toning and prickly color for the miniature animals of my models. Fuchsia was necessary for the small pigeons of this scarf.


And second I adore wearing scarves. It is for me the elegant detail of the dress which gives a lot of style to a woman. It's the little extra which reveals femininity. This idea is very French, it is our lifestyle. Wear a scarf like a movie actress, like we wear red lipstick and high heels. 


Why the second collection is about Bordeaux ?


It is my city of adoption, my new home. I create memories every day in its amazing districts. I fell under spell of the Grand Théâtre, impressed by the magnificent of the Place de la Bourse and so much amused by the mascarons those little sculptures that we discover on the windows of houses. It is an area of play and cultural investigation, there are surprises around the corner. 


Not very far there are wonderful places to visit : the Bassin d'Arcachon and Cap Ferret and the village Saint Emilion that inspired me for the scarf Merlot by Fanfaron.

Your fashion advice ?


I have two !

1. When you wear a simple and sober dress, accessorize it with a colored scarf as the scarf Concorde by Fanfaron. It brings color and hangs on the light. It’s a detail which brings elegance and originality to your classic style.

2. When you wear an elegant dress, let’s have fun with a scarf for belt or a scarf in hair! The scarf Marie-Antoinette by Fanfaron is ideal for the fair hair.

fanfaron foulard en soie, carré en soie, twill de soie, foulard made in france, Paris, créatrice, Marguerite d'Amat

How do you find inspiration ?


It is the poetry and the dream which create my imagination. I have funny ideas by walking simply in familiar places. It is a touch of madness and the desire to color the life ! I think it's funny to create scenes, for example to imagine one thousand small monkeys climbing the windows of the place Vendôme and stealing the jewels of the Parisian jeweler's stores. This is the scarf Vendôme by Fanfaron.


fanfaron foulard en soie, carré en soie, twill de soie, foulard made in france, tour Eiffel, trocadéro, Paris


Why the first collection is about Paris ?



It is my city, my home. I grew up there, it is the frame of my life. I have good memories in its districts. I have my habits, my favorite places, my secret passages there. Therefore the ideas spurt out, places and atmospheres are imperative upon my spirit. For example, you can see the big window of the Grand Palais from everywhere in Paris. It always fascinates me and I like admiring it. I dedicated it the scarf Big Palace by Fanfaron with this comparison rock and roll of the cobweb.

Why the third collection is about the Pays Basque ?


Because I live in Bordeaux now and so it's a closed and attractive destination. And because it's a very rich and inspiring theme for design. The Basque region has a strong identity by its character and its traditions.

I chose four cities and created the scarves Bayonne, Saint Jean de Luz, Biarritz et Anglet because of their strong personalities.

Do you have ideas for the next collection ?


Yes a lot but it's a surprise!

Why this brand name, Fanfaron ?


Fanfaron means swaggerer in French. A swaggerer is a person who makes brave, who praises her real or supposed accomplishments. This is really French, isn't it ?


We observe this character trait in the heroes of our beautiful French literature. Think about the look of d'Artagnan and three musketeers, and about the panache of Cyrano de Bergerac. 


Let it og, wear your scarf Fanfaron with great French panache !


To swagger raising a dashing figure !


You will be the ambassadress of the French lifestyle ! 


foulard fanfaron, carré de soie, panache, allure, art de vivre à la française

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